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Article I. Name of the Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Cherokee County Libertarian Party (“Cherokee County LP”). Cherokee County LP is an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Texas, (“LPTexas”).

Article II. Purpose of the Organization

For the purpose of advancing the political interests and effectiveness of Cherokee County Libertarians and complying with laws governing political parties nominating by convention, Cherokee County LP shall:

  1. Promote and support the election of Libertarian candidates to public office,

  2. Perform such duties specified in Texas Election Code, and

  3. Cooperate with the Libertarian Party of Texas, and the national Libertarian Party in the participation of activities that support Libertarian candidates.

  4. To educate the voting public consistent with the Statement of Principles of the LPTexas.

Article III. Membership

  1. Qualifications: Voting Membership in Cherokee County LP is open to any person who:

    1. Is a qualified Texas voter registered to vote in Cherokee County,

    2. Generally supports LPTexas’ Statement of Principles,

    3. Is not affiliated with any other political party, and

    4. Affiliates with the Cherokee County LP in the presence of a member of the County Executive Committee (CEC).

  2. Duration

    1. Voting Membership begins on the date that a qualified person affiliates with the Cherokee County LP, and continues until the date of the next Precinct Convention.

  3. Termination of Membership: A person’s Voting Membership terminates if he/she:

    1. Ceases to be eligible as defined by Article III. A. above,

    2. Does not affiliate at the next Precinct Convention, or

    3. Resigns or is removed for cause under Article II.E&F. below.

  4. Dues: No dues shall be required to become a Voting Member of Cherokee County LP. Other categories of membership may be established by a majority vote.

  5. Resignation: Any Voting Member may terminate their own membership by giving written notification to any Cherokee County LP officer. Such resignations shall be filed and kept on record with the County Secretary (or County Chair, if there is no Secretary) until the next Precinct Convention.

  6. Removal for Cause of Voting Members: Any Voting Member may be removed for cause by a 3/4 vote of the entire Voting Membership of Cherokee County LP.

Article IV. The County Executive Committee

  1. Composition of the Committee: The CEC shall consist of all elected officers and other Executive Committee Members as established. This must include Chair, and may include a Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past Chair. Other positions, such as Precinct Chairs and At-large members, may be established by a 2/3 vote.  CEC positions may only be removed when vacant.

  2. Term: At the County Convention held each even numbered year, CEC positions will be elected for a term beginning at the adjournment of that County Convention and ending at the beginning of the next County Convention.

  3. Eligibility to Serve on the CEC: Voting members of Cherokee County LP who have been affiliated with Cherokee County LP for 6 months or longer and attended 4 meetings in the previous 12 months or 2/3 of meetings if 6 or fewer meetings are held in the previous 12 months. are eligible to hold officer positions or other positions on the CEC.

  4. Duties of the County Executive Committee:

    1. Chair:

      1. Facilitate Precinct and County Conventions in each even numbered year as prescribed by Texas Election Code,

      2. Preside over all Cherokee County LP meetings,

      3. Oversee all Cherokee County LP activities,

      4. Perform the necessary duties of any other officer positions if those positions are vacant, and

      5. Perform any other duties as assigned to County Chairs by Texas Election Code, LPTexas, and these By-laws.

    2. Vice Chair:

      1. Assist the Chair

      2. Perform the duties of the Chair when the Chair is absent.

    3. Secretary:

      1. Take minutes at all official Cherokee County LP business meetings,

      2. Provide meeting minutes to other county officers in a timely manner, and

      3. Maintain a list of Cherokee County LP Voting Membership.

    4. Treasurer:

      1. Maintain the finances of the Cherokee County LP,

      2. Collect and track donations to Cherokee County LP,

      3. Provide a report of the Cherokee County LP finances quarterly at a general business meeting of the Cherokee County LP, and when requested by the CEC,

      4. Disburse funds as authorized by the CEC, and

      5. Make all necessary reports to the Texas Ethics Commission.

    5. Other CEC Members may have rights and duties as assigned by the Voting Members of the Cherokee County LP.

  5. Removal for Absences: A CEC position shall be declared to be vacant if the CEC Member is absent from two consecutive business meetings for which proper notice was given. At the call to order of the second meeting for which the member is absent, that position shall be declared vacant. By a two-thirds vote of Voting Membership present at the missed meeting, the absence of a CEC member may be excused. Only one CEC member absence may be excused per term.

  6. Vacancies: CEC vacancies may be filled by a majority vote at any regular business meeting.

  7. Resignation of Officers: Any member of the CEC may resign by giving written notification to the County Chair. In the case of the County Chair, written notification must be given to the State Chair and the County Secretary if one exists.

  8. Removal for Cause: Any member of the CEC may be removed from their position by a 2/3 vote of the entire Voting Membership of Cherokee County LP.

Article V. Meetings

  1. Frequency: The CEC shall meet at least once every three (3) months for a business meeting, but may hold business meeting or social gatherings as frequently as necessary.

  2. Notice: Not less than fourteen (14) days’ notice must be given to all Voting Members for all business meetings of the CEC or of the Cherokee County LP. Notice must be publicly accessible.

  3. Quorum: A majority of the total membership of the voting body shall constitute a quorum. For members of the CEC, the voting body shall be considered to include all members of the CEC. For general meetings of the Cherokee County LP, the voting body shall be considered to include all Voting Members of the Cherokee County LP.

  4. Who may call a meeting: Meetings may be called by the Chair, by petition of 1/3 of the entire Voting Membership of Cherokee County LP, or by petition of 2/3 of the CEC.

  5. Parliamentary Authority: All Cherokee County LP meetings shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article VI: Voting Procedures

Each Voting Member of Cherokee County LP shall have one vote for all purposes requiring a vote. The default method of voting for election of officers and nominations of candidates shall be by approval voting, always including an option for None of the Above (NOTA). Unless otherwise state, vote thresholds are for consideration by the entire voting membership participating.

Article VII: Amending These By-laws

These by-laws may be amended, by the Cherokee County LP Convention, or at any business meeting of the Cherokee County LP by a 2/3 vote of the voting members in attendance, a quorum being present. Written notice of any proposed amendment to these by-laws, including the specific text of the amendment to be considered, must be submitted to all Cherokee County LP Voting Members no later than seven (7) days before the meeting at which they will be considered.

Article VIII: Potential Conflict with Texas Election Code or LPTexas Rules

In the event these by-laws come into conflict with Texas Election Code or Rules of the Libertarian Party of Texas (LPTexas Rules), the relevant sections of the Texas Election Code or LPTexas Rules shall have superiority.

Article IX: Acceptance

These by-laws are hereby accepted by the Cherokee County LP as of the date and at the event listed below:

Date: November 28, 2016

Name of Event: County Business Meeting

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