Welcome, welcome!

So here I am - the Chair in a chair!  I had several more creative names for this little note, but this is what "they" told me we could name it.  It's still cool!

I've lived in Cherokee County nearly all my life, moving away and returning several times.  I met my future husband in Mrs. Richards' 3rd grade classroom at East Side Elementary in Jacksonville.  Both my kids have done the biggest part of their growing up here even.  And this - right here in Cherokee County - is where I had my political beginnings!

The first election I remember is Nixon's '72 victory.  The first election I worked on was the District Attorney campaign for a family friend, before I was old enough to vote.  My first presidential vote was cast for Ronald Reagan in 1984, although in that same year I went to the State Convention as a Democrat!  Yep.  I've bounced all over politically, at least until 2010, when Antony and I were watching Lee Wrights give his speech at the Libertarian National Convention and it hit me like a ton of bricks - I'M A LIBERTARIAN!

So how did you come to be reading my intro?  Do you suspect you are a Libertarian too?  Are you positive you're Libertarian?  I would love to explore that idea with you.  And so would all my Cherokee County Libertarian friends.  Won't you come and join us for one of our regularly scheduled meetings, or perhaps just shoot us an email here?  Let us know you're here!

Melina Baker

Chair, Cherokee County Libertarian Party


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